Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hope and Courage

Aside from one entry, my blog is blank. I am not really sure what to write, and not sure how much information the world needs or cares to read about MY life! The point of this blog isn’t to write about me and my year long quest to become something I was. Why I write this blog is to spark inspiration in at least one person who reads it in a time when he or she needs a little spark of hope and courage. These words-HOPE and COURAGE- run through my veins and pump blood into my heart. I cling to them. They helped me persist through the toughest of times, the saddest of times, the times when nothing in the world felt fair or just. Hope and Courage. These virtues must remind us to step back, practice patience, and not look at what the crystal ball shakes out for the end of the hour or the day. Knowing that time will pass, and with each sunset, a new sun will rise and grant beauty and light upon us. Keep Calm and Carry On.

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